Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

Adaptive Clothing for SeniorsWhy use Adaptive clothing for seniors with disability?

Adaptive clothing for seniors is clothing that is modified to enable easier dressing for people with a disability. Adaptive Clothing incorporates adaptations to make the clothing look as normal as possible. It is easy to access , comfortable, and less effort dressing.

Most importantly, Old is Gold Store delivers special needs adaptive clothing directly to your home, care centre or nursing home. Conditions apply. Please note that currently only women’s adaptive clothing is available at Old is Gold Store.

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Adaptable Clothing for the disabled and elderly

Trying to find comfortable clothing when you have physical disabilities can be challenging. Seniors and the infirm may experience difficulty dressing themselves. This is due to an inability to manipulate buttons and zippers, or due to a lack dexterity required for self-dressing.

Adaptable clothing for seniors can address this issue. These include hospital nightgowns, shoulder open gowns, front open button up night dress for women.

Adaptive clothing is useful for:

  • Arthritis
  • Any kind of disability or limited mobility
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Incontinence
  • Parkinson’s
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Wheelchair users
  • Also, patients recovering after an operation

Special Needs Stroke Clothing/Apparel

Are you looking for clothing for someone who has had a stroke or suffering from a form of paralysis? It’s challenging to find comfortable Stroke Clothing/Apparel. Also, it makes life easier for those with poor dexterity.


  • Struggle free seated dressing
  • VELCRO® brand and Easy Touch closure designs
  • Fashionable Stroke Clothing that offers ease of dressing.
  • Open front dresses and robes which makes it easy for caregivers

Where to get adaptive clothing for seniors in India?

Cocoon Senior Clothing is a brand of adaptive clothing launched by Old is Gold Store. It is made of the most comfortable cotton fabric. Besides, the design balances utility and fashion. Clothing for both home wear and outside wear.

Shoulder Open Gown

The shoulder open night gown is for women who find it difficult to raise their arms. As a result, this dress is easy to put on by oneself or with the help of an attendant.

Easy to Wear

To wear the shoulder open night dress, first remove all the buttons on the shoulders. Then, slip the dress on from the over the head until the top of the dress reaches chest level. Wrap the sleeves around the upper arms and button up. To remove, undo the buttons at the shoulders. Pull the dress over the head (if you are attending on another person) or let it fall down around the ankles and step out.

Fabric & Material

Cocoon Senior Clothing is made from fine cottons & blends. This dress uses pure cotton fabric. After the first wash, the material will become even softer and more opaque.

Washing instructions

Wash separately for the first time. While the colors are fast, you may find minimal leaching during the first wash. Hand/machine wash in cold or warm water. Finally, turn dress inside-out before drying. Dry in the shade for better colour retention. Iron clothes for best appearance.