Versatile commode wheelchair for Seniors

Effective wheelchair plus commode
Features ideal for home care of the aged
Commode Wheel Chair is a fold-able chrome steel frame with detachable armrest and footrest. This is a simple and effective wheelchair + commode wheelchair with multiple features ideal for home care of the aged. The features include:

The wheelchair is just narrow enough to fit into any typical door in India. The use of small wheels has made this possible without compromising on the amount of seat space available for the person sitting on the wheelchair.
This wheelchair can be used as a traditional wheelchair and with the cushion is in place, no one will even know that it also doubles as a commode.
5 litre removable pail that comes with the commode wheelchair can be easily inserted and removed from behind. pot. With pot removed it can be placed over the top of a standard toilet.
The height is designed such that this wheelchair can be pushed right over most western closets, so that you can seat a person on the wheelchair and wheel them over the existing toilet in the house, making the clean up process much simpler and more hygienic.
As shown in the image, the armrests from both sides can be easily removed and pushed back so that transfer of a patient from bed to wheelchair and back can be extremely easy. The patient does not even have to stand up in order to be transferred and can just slide from one to the other easily.
Padded seat and armrests offer maximum comfort and stability for the user. This commode is ideal for use around the home, in a nursing home or in a hospital. If you have a person at home with limited mobility, this wheelchair is a good one to have.
Comes only in one color: RED.