Home Safety Audit for Senior Citizens

Why is Home Safety Audit for Senior Citizens important?

Most seniors would prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as they possibly can. The main problem about staying at home is that as people age their safety becomes a major issue. This even more true when seniors have any disability or have mobility issues. Typical accident-prone zones include bathrooms, stairs and kitchen. Every year scores of seniors fall due to wet floors and balance issues. This results in broken bones, fractures and hospitalisation. Recovery can be slow and painful.

Make your home safe and secure

To make a home that’s safe and secure for seniors may need a few modifications. We have to consider factors that make seniors not only comfortable but also safe as possible.  First task would be to conduct a Home Safety Audit.

What is a Home Safety Audit?

It is basically going through the home with an objective eye for safety. This would mean weighing a lot of factors including balance, eyesight, stability and other environmental factors. For example, are there grab bars in the bathroom to assist seniors to steady themselves? Are pathways clear and clutter free? Is there adequate lighting for seniors who have vision problems to navigate around their home safely.

Who conducts a home safety audit?

You can download our printable Elderly Safety Checklist and follow the instructions. For seniors living in Chennai, India, Old is Gold Store (An exclusive store for senior citizens) – offers as part of its services, “Home Safety Audit”.

Old is Gold Store home safety audit*

This Home Safety Audit is for senior citizens who wish to evaluate their house in terms of safety for everyday living.

The audit takes into consideration the age and condition of elders living in the house. The audit will aim to suggest minimal changes that can be incorporated easily and inexpensively, to make the home secure, safer and comfortable for senior citizens. One of the thrust areas the audit will focus would be to dramatically reduce the chances of falling down. This is a very common occurrence as people age and very often reason for hospitalization.

Old is Gold Store Home Safety Audit will also seek to identify dangers from electrical shocks, slippery surfaces, badly lit passages, intrusion weak spots etc.

On completion of the audit a report is submitted for action. The objective is that Senior living is free from dangers that can be avoided.

The audit will cost Rs. 1000 and should you purchase any safety aids for a value of Rs.3000 or more from Old is Gold Store, the audit fee will be adjusted against bill.

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* open to homes located within Chennai city limits.