Adaptive night dress for women

Adaptive nightwear for disabled ladies

Being disabled does not mean losing the right to choose and wear clothes that are not only comfortable but also stylish. Adaptive nightwear is especially useful if your condition limits your physical ability to get dressed and undressed.  Cocoon from Old is Gold Store has a variety of adaptive night dress for women suitable for those with mobility, grip, balance or dexterity issues.


Adaptive night dress for women

Designed for women who would like to take care of themselves. Adaptive clothing from Cocoon for the disabled adults with physical handicaps simplifies self-dressing creating independence. Self-dressing is now easy with special adaptive clothing that features discreet Velcro fasteners. Suitable for patients with arthritis, Alzheimer’s or any other disability.

Designed for patients, who have difficulties with hand strength, arm paralysis, standing, joint pain, spinal cord injury or use a wheelchair. These night gowns make dressing easier. Above all, adaptive clothing from Cocoon have been designed with comfort and fashion in mind. The front open night gown is for ladies who find wearing traditional night gowns difficult because of dexterity and mobility issues.

Front open night dress for women is suitable for those who cannot lift up their arms but would like to take care of themselves. The night gown has buttons in the front with an extra wide flap. Additional Velcro ensures that the front is well and truly closed when completely buttoned up.

Instructions to wear

  1. Remove buttons/fasteners in front as far down as required
  2. Insert one arm into the sleeve and then the other, just like when wearing a shirt
  3. Button up and then press down on the Velcro patches
  4. Instructions to remove
  5. Pull the flap apart at the Velcro
  6. Remove the buttons
  7. Finally, remove as you would a shirt

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