Wheelchair with commode with detachable arm rest and foot rest

 Wheel chair with commode with detachable arm rest and foot restWheelchair with commode




  • Foldable chromed steel frame
  • Solid castor
  • Solid rear wheel
  • Soft commode seat
  • Detachable armrest
  • Detachable footrest

Features & Dimensions

Foldable chromed steel frame

The unique and stylish design is not only aesthetic but also strengthens the rigidity on frame. Designed to save a lot of energy during operation for both users and helpers. Besides, transportation by car becomes a viable option. Furthermore, this wheelchair combines the convenience of a commode seat and the transportation ease of a wheelchair. It can also function as a stand-alone wheelchair.

Wheelchair Measurements and Specification

Ref Details Size in cm

Ref Details Size in cm
overall-width OVERALL WIDTH 60 cm (Wheel to Wheel)
seat-width SEAT WIDTH 45 cm (Internal)
seat-height SEAT HEIGHT 53 cm (Floor to Seat)
front-wheel FRONT WHEEL 20 cm
rear-wheel REAR WHEEL 58 cm
dimensions Dimensions 94 X 29 X 89 cm

Where to Buy

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