Anti-skid products for seniors

Anti-skid productsAnti-Skid Products aimed to prevent falls, slips and protect your loved ones. Number of patients hospitalized because of a slip or fall injury is increasing every year. Anti-skid products are used by hospitals, homes and senior care around the world to lessen potential slip and falls. Good news is most falls can be prevented. There are products for many applications for both wet and dry areas. Make your home safer by installing assistive anti-skid products such as:


Slips and Falls

Studies have shown that each year, thousands of older people—those 65 and older—fall. One out of five falls causes serious injuries including broken bones, hip fractures and head injuries.

What it means to a caregiver after a fall?

First of all, injuries can make it hard for a person to get around, do everyday activities, or live on their own and have to be taken care by others. Most importantly, the expenses involved in hospitalization, therapy and nursing can be high.

What are the risk factors that cause a person to fall?

Besides health factors, one the main reasons for falling is lack of grip on smooth surfaces, uneven steps and mainly slippery bathrooms.

What You Can Do to Prevent Falls due to slippage?

We recommend that you use Anti-Skid Mat, Anti slip tapes, Anti slip socks as well as install grab bars and toilet safety rails.

Where can we get anti-skid products?

We recommend Old is Gold Store, a specialty store offering an assortment of products & services exclusive to senior citizens.

Anti-slip safety mat – non-standard size (4 ft x 1 ft)

Anti-slip safety mat – non-standard size (4 ft x 1 ft)The bathroom is one of the most accident prone areas in the house, especially in India where most bathrooms and toilets are perennially wet. This anti-slip mat is similar to the mats used around swimming pools to help wet areas stay slip-free.

Standard width is 4 ft. Cut to any length you desire. Rate is for 4 square feet ( 4ft x 1ft SQFT). If you order qty of 2, you will get 4ft x 2 ft.

Anti-slip safety mat for wet areas standard size(2.5ft x 1.5ft)

Anti-slip safety mat for wet areas standard sizeWith large gaps to allow free flow of water, the anti-slip mat remains dry on the top ensuring dramatic reduction in the possibility of slipping.

Available in standard size of 2.5 ft x 1.5 ft.


Anti-skid tape (in meters)
Rough texture self-adhesive Anti-skid tapes for smooth and slippery floors. Use it on the edges of stairs, just outside the bathroom, under footrugs and floor mats and other places people tend to slip. Do not use in wet areas. Price in Meters.

Anti-skid socks from Flamingo, grey

Provided with anti skid sole:

  • Durable
  • Extra stretch top
  • Controls Moisture
  • Seamless, toe closure
  • Extra cross stitch of design
  • No irritation to skin and hypo allergenic
  • Non-slip sole to prevent slipping

Anti-Skid sole :

Specially designed elastomer grips at the bottom (across the entire foot sole) gives better grip while walking on the smooth, tiled floors. The bottom grips and prevent slipping & falling of the patient or the old age person. Also, ideal for temple visits and for use inside and around the house.

Ankle length. Universal size.
Cotton: 80%. Nylon: 16%. Elastane: 4%