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First of all, Elder Care India aims to provide information, support and resources for family, seniors and caregivers. Also, we recommend products which can make the role of caregiver easier. Finally, these products help seniors who need some assistance with daily activities.

How safe is your toilet for elders?

Know about toilet aids are designed to make going to the toilet a much easier, safe and relaxing experience.

Learn more about toilet safety

Involuntary loss of urine?

Manage any accidental or involuntary loss of urine (urinary incontinence) from the bladder or bowel.

Learn more about incontinence

Is mobility an issue for you?

Learn more about basic, no-frills wheel chairs to powered wheelchairs, rollators, and walking sticks.

Learn more about mobility

Orthopedic pain?

How to ease discomfort and pain from Osteoporosis. Also, disc prolapse, vertebral fracture, spondylosis and hemorrhoids.

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Mobilita Premium Products

Mobilita Senior Care Products often help seniors and caregivers with day to day living. They enhance the quality of life as well as keeps seniors independent.

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Gifts for Seniors

Don't know what to buy for an elderly relative? Download our range of gifts for the elderly. Besides, it's thoughtful and useful too.

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Guide for first time caregivers

Caregiver Guide

First of all, caregiving is not easy, it’s probably one of the most complicated roles you’ll ever play. Although,  you do get the satisfaction of helping someone. Furthermore, most caregivers experience mixed emotions as they have very little control over what happens. Besides,  they often experience feelings of resentment and frustration about the loss of privacy.

Finally, this guide aims to help first time caregivers, it includes advice, resources and checklists. Besides, we hope this guide helps you get organized and make the process easier for both you and your loved one. Read more about first time care givers

Caregivers guide

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Non-resident Indian?

Worried about the well-being of your parents back home in India?

While you ensure that your elderly parents are cared for either at home, nursing home, or a retirement community, you are also worried about their safety, comfort and independence. Elder care India recommends the following essential senior products that will help them with daily activities.

  • Mobility products such as walkers, wheelchairs, rollators, bionic walking sticks.
  • Anti-Skid Products for seniors such as Anti-Skid Mats, Anti-Skid socks, Anti-slip Tape.
  • Incontinence Products such as Light Incontinence pads, Adult Diaper, Adult pants-type diaper, Pull-up Adult Diaper and Washable Under-pads.
  • Toilet and Bathroom Aids such as Toilet raiser, Commode chairs, Grab Bars, Bidets and Toilet Safety Rail and arm rest.
  • Convenience products for seniors such as Adjustable Backrest, Cold and Hot Pack, Nail clipper with magnifying glass, and Inflatable Shampoo Basin.

Furthermore, Elder Care India brings together caregivers, senior citizens, knowledgeable professionals and share the experiences, insights, detailed product information and demos.

Also, please write to us if require any further information on the products and if you want to attend our workshops.

Medical Disclaimer

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