Motorized Power Series Wheelchair for Seniors

Motorized Power Series WheelchairMotorized Power Series Wheelchair offering excellent maneuverability

This Motorized Power Series Wheelchair is ultra-lightweight, fold-able, and allows easy battery removal.

Firstly, this Motorized Power Series Wheelchair is a stylish, high performance powered wheelchair offering excellent manoeuvrability. Also, it combines 2-D suspension and incredibly comfortable seating for driving long distances. Likewise, the armrest combines with ergonomic arm-pad which enables flipping and detaching, offering optimal comfort according to your needs.

The compact design of this Motorized Power Series Wheelchair is suitable for medium- and short-distance travel. Because it is both convenient and portable, it’s perfect for your daily use.


Compact and maneuverable

Maneuvering power wheelchair in and through tight spaces like doorways and elevators is a difficult task. Most standard power wheelchairs available in the market are 64 cm wide and given that some doorways are as narrow as 71 cm or smaller, it’s a tight squeeze getting through those doorways. This Motorized Power Series Wheelchair is a compact medium-size wheelchair with an overall width of 59 cm, meaning it is easier to manoeuvre around tight corners and through narrow doorways.

It is ultra-lightweight, fold-able, and allows easy battery removal, making transport even more convenient. Similarly, the optional quick release steering controller enables moving switches from the user to the attendants in seconds. Hence this innovative design is great for users who need occasional assistance.
In short, this is a fashionable, reliable and easy-to-use power wheelchair.


  • Due to quick-release seat design, it provides easy maintenance
  • Unique Two-D Suspension System Anti-tippers with shock absorber
  • Build-in lighting System comes as standard equipment
  • Multi-dimension adjustable seat & armrest system
  • Foldable backrest to allow compact transport and storage
  • Switchable controller mechanism
  • Also the aluminum alloy frame prevents rusting


  • Length: 95 cm. Width: 59.5 cm. Height: 95 cm.
  • Weight: 40.6 Kg (including battery)
  • Front wheels: Diameter: 7.8 inches. Width: 2 inches
  • Rear wheels: Diameter: 12.5 inches. Width: 2.25 inches
  • Turning radius: 90
  • Max weight: 115 kg
  • Range: 30km
  • Speed: 6 Kmph