Premium Powered Wheelchair for Seniors

Stylish, high performance powered wheelchair

Powered wheelchair offering excellent manoeuvrability
The KP-45.3 is a stylish, high performance powered wheelchair offering excellent manoeuvrability. It combines 2-D suspension and incredibly comfortable seating for driving long distances. The ergonomic seat and armrest can be adjusted to provide you with your optimum position.

This new chair is equipped with 50Ah batteries and a built- in lighting system. The KP-45.3 is surely the model of choice for active outdoor use.

Luxury Power Tilt and Recline Series
High performance motor, Suspension system
Brand new embedded light set design
Increased driving safety at night
Armrest:3-directional adjustability
Adjustable power seating system
Anti-tipper with suspension increases the degrees of safety
Ergonomic design of seating, armrest and calf pad to assist positioning
Length: 122 cm Width: 65 cm.
Height: 127 cm
Weight: 107 Kg (including battery)
Front wheels: Diameter: 8.6 inches
Rear wheels: Diameter: 16 inches
Turning radius: 90
Max weight: 135 kg
Range: 50 km
Max Speed: 13 kmph