Range of wheelchairs for seniors

Range of WheelchairsFirst of all, wheelchairs are of different types primarily attendant & self propelled. If you are looking to buy a wheelchair do seek our guidance and it comes with no strings attached. Besides there is a wide range of wheelchairs to suit elders.

Wheelchair Types

Firstly, chairs for seniors can be either attendant or self-propelled. Light weight manual wheelchairs are ideal for the elderly and very easy to fold and store. Attendant wheelchairs are ideal for older people that cannot propel on their own.


Features may vary depending on the condition of the user and type of wheelchair.

  • Wheelchair with removable armrests – helps when attempting to transfer.
  • Reclining wheelchair – Besides functioning as a wheelchair, these can be made straight to function temporarily as a bed or a stretcher.
  • Wheelchair with commode – This also comes with a commode. For that reason it is useful for seniors who find it difficult to transfer to a toilet.
  • All in one wheelchair – Besides being a wheel chair, it also functions as a shower chair and commode chair. Also, this wheelchair features detachable foot rests and retractable arm rests.
  • Light weight wheelchair – these are transit wheel chairs that are primarily acts as mobility aid while travelling by air or train.
  • Heavy duty wheelchair – As a result these special bariatric wheelchairs are for persons who are bulky or obese.

Check this range of wheelchairs.

Soma Light weight wheelchair with Large wheels
Soma Light weight wheelchair Small wheels
Aluminium light weight wheelchair
Wheelchair commode with detachable armrests
Made for India Manual wheelchair
Premium Powered Wheelchair
Motorized Power Series Wheelchair
Motorized Wheelchair (WCKP103)
Basic Chrome-plated Wheelchair
Wheelchair with commode
Manual wheelchair with basic chrome-plating
Light-weight Aluminium Portable wheelchair
Bariatric Wheelchair
Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair
Wheelchair with versatile commode
Aircraft grade Aluminium alloy manual wheelchair
Ergonomic Wheelchair with S-Ergo seat
Light-weight Manual wheelchair
Motorized Wheelchair

Where to source them?

We recommend ‘The Old is Gold Store’, a speciality store offering an assortment of products & services exclusive to senior citizens. Besides, you will find several products that make your older adult’s life easier.