Safety rails for Seniors

Why toilet safety rail plays an important role to make the bathroom a safer place?
We all know that maintaining independence and dignity is important as we all get older; and installation of toilet safety rail in bathrooms is important especially for seniors who have difficulty using a regular home toilet due mobility, poor vision or balancing issues. This simple and cost effective installation prevents serious accidents and provides a sense of security and comfort to your loved ones.

For toilet where installation of grab bars is not viable, consider installing a toilet safety frame or rail with armrests attached to the back of the toilet. This will help those having difficulty sitting down or getting up from the toilet. This toilet safety rail attaches easily to the toilet and features both height and width adjustments.

Toilet Safety Frame Features:
Ideally suited for toilets which don’t have walls near the closet.
Provides added stability while getting on or off the toilet
Easy to install – no drilling required
The width of the railing can be adjusted and it fits most western closets.
Frame is sturdy and secure
Stainless steel frame is rust-proof and long lasting
Bracket installs in the same holes as toilet seat
Rubber tipped supports prevent slipping
Soft cushioned armrest for extra comfort
Textured arm rests ensure grip
Made of high grade Stainless steel the Toilet Safety Rail is designed to withstand wet conditions normally prevalent in Indian bathrooms. A must-have product for homes with elders or for anyone with limited mobility, buy your Toilet Safety Frame from Old is Gold Store today!