Furniture for seniors

Independence and freedom within the home and everyday life are important aspects in the life of seniors. There is nothing as comfortable as sitting back and relaxing on an armchair or stretching your foot on a stool. For the same reason, choosing furniture for seniors is very important as they spend more time sitting or relaxing.

Often, changes in health or mobility of seniors calls for specialized furniture. Furniture for seniors has to be comfortable as well as safe. When you plan to buy furniture for an elderly parent, here are some things you may also want to consider:

  • All furniture should be easy to get in and out of
  • Adjustable recliners can be useful for seniors
  • Upholstery that can be cleaned easily
  • Adjustable foot stools when legs need to be elevated for better circulation
  • Seat Lift Assist for someone who has difficulty getting in and out of a seated position
  • Compact bed top table for those who would like to read, write and eat in bed

Furniture for seniors

Furniture for seniors

Easy chair for senior citizens

The Tulip reclining chair is not simply about aesthetics but designed to provide comfort for age-related problems like aching backs, weak knees, joint and muscular ailments.

Ergorest Footrest

This ergonomically designed footrest promotes stress free posture and reduces pressure on the back of the thigh. Ideal stool for the elderly to rest their feet.

Light-weight portable chair

This portable chair is a wonderful aid for seniors to ward off fatigue and allows them to carry around as it is lightweight and easily portable.

Light-weight portable stool

It is easy to carry, easy to set up (just open) and easy to use. Ideal for the elderly to use in most places in India.

Portable tripod stool

Extremely lightweight chairs are easy to carry and are practical and stylish It is quite sturdy and is certified to take up to 110Kgs of weight.

Bed top table (foldable)

Foldable, easy to use bed top table suitable for patients and seniors with mobility issues to have food on the bed.

Adjustable Foot Stool

This foot stool is essential for people, especially the elderly who find that their feet are swelling during the day.