Personal grooming aids for seniors

Personal grooming aids for seniors:
For in home care of the elderly, stroke patients, Parkinson’s, disabled, geriatric and bedridden.

Nail clipper with magnifying glass
Extremely useful nail cutters with attached magnifying glass to help you see better. These premium nail clippers with magnifier are a great tool for seniors and reduces stress while trimming their nails. The magnifier reduces eyestrain and the handle is easy and comfortable to use.

Inflatable Shampoo Basin
Inflatable Shampoo Basin facilitates hair care for a bedridden person especially seniors. Fits into the space on a bed that is normally occupied by a pillow. During wash, the pillow is removed and replaced with the shampoo basin. No re-positioning of the patient being shampooed is necessary. Folds when not in use.

Back scrubbing loofah
This soft sponge offers a unique and easy way to thoroughly scrub ones back. Allows you to reach areas that missed out in your bath routine and clean all parts of your back. Soft and gentle on the skin and helps produce plenty of lather without using too much soap or gel.

Compact hair dryer
This compact hair dryer offers you 2 pre-selected heat & speed combinations. This hair dryer is ideally suited for home use. Especially if you are a caregiver and have a elderly person under your care. And this compact hair dryer ensures that their hair is completely dry after the wash preventing chills and colds.

Cushioned hair brush
Wonderful for hair and scalp to use and perfect brush for people with fine or thinning hair. Designed with seniors in mind, it is ideal for grooming medium and long length hair. The bristle cleans the hair, promotes shine and stimulates the scalp.

Toe Nail Clipper
These special toe nail clippers with sharp curved blades can be used to keep ones toe nails in check. The handle is designed to increase traction and avoid finger slippage. Use caution while using these clippers as they require good eyesight and good foot health.

Long handle bath brush
Many senior citizens, either due to stiffness of muscles or decreased flexibility, find it difficult to reach and scrub their back, legs and feet while having bath. This quality bath brush with soft bristles help in reaching hard to reach places and is effective in removing dirt and dead skin cells.