Patient Care

Senior care adaptive devices:

Elderly assistive devices made for aging, assisted living, independent living and home health care.

Anti-pollution mask

This disposable N95 particulate respirator provides protection against non-oil based particles.

Wet Wipes (Easy Bath)

This is helpful for patients who are bedridden or have mobility issues

Cold and Hot Pack
This wonderful hot and cold pack can help relieve pain and ease you aching body.

Inflatable Shampoo Basin
Useful, easily inflatable shampoo basin perfect for washing the hair of patients.

Fingertip pulse oximeter
Small, compact, simple, reliable and durable physiological monitoring device

Nebulizer – HandyNeb
The HandyNeb nebulizer is an elecric nebulizer that is compact and easy to use.

Manual Suction Apparatus
Ideal for home based patients who require regular phlegm clearing.

Air bed (Anti-decubitus bed)
Active airbeds with pumps such as this one help in the prevention of bed sores.

Wet Wipes (Seni Care)
Gently cleanses the skin, moisturises it, refreshes and removes unpleasant smell

First Aid Kit
ST JOHNS FIRST AID KIT is perfectly suited for home use as well as travel use.

Dr. Morepen Foot Spa
Massager and foot spa from Beurer, Germany is a must have for every senior citizen.

Bed top table
Foldable, easy to use bed top table suitable for patients to have food on the bed.