Phones for the elderly

What is the ideal phone for your parents who have disabilities or convalescing?

Smartphones may not be the smartest choice especially if they are not dexterous like they used be…a simple cell phone with Senior Friendly features maybe the right answer.

Top 7 Questions to Ask About Senior Friendly Cell Phones

1. How loud is the volume?

Clear and loud sound is very important in case someone is hard of hearing. The volume settings should be easy to set and use. Senior friendly cell phones not only have loud ring tones, but a loud speaker phone option to amplify the normal conversation when the phone is on the ear.

2. Is the emergency call button easy to find and use?

Most of the Senior Friendly Cell Phones do have a panic button located somewhere on the device but is it easily accessible during an emergency? The emergency button has to be intuitive and easy to find and use. Please try this feature before purchasing.

3. Can seniors see and use the keypads easily?

The keypad should be easy to use with large, contrasting keys and ideally should be backlit. Next is the keypad, simple and uncomplicated and are easy to depress.

4. Can seniors with arthritis use it comfortably?

It is important that the phone is ergonomically designed to fit the hand. Seniors find it difficult if the phone is too big or if it too small. Although it is an personal choice, it would be better to check if it can be used by seniors especially if they suffer from arthritis.

5. How long does the battery last?

Senior friendly phones are expected to last at least a full day of “normal use” on a single charge. If the phone, which is primarily being used as a safety device has a fast-draining battery then the whole purpose is lost.

6. Is the charger easy to plug in?

It is important that the charging cord plugs into the phone easily without much effort. 3 pin plugs are generally easier to plug in than a 2 pin plug. If the charger comes with a 2 pin charger, make sure 3 pin adapter is available in charging points around the house.

7. Does it have an easy-to-use torchlight?

The built in torch is an useful feature which eliminates seniors carrying both torch and a phone in dimly lit or dark areas. The torch should be easy to locate and use.

I-Ball Aasaan

It is a specially designed phone with large keypad, enhanced sound, wire free FM and an exclusive SOS button helps empower our seniors. With this phone as their companion, the old will indeed be bold!

Activation of the SOS button results in a siren which helps alert people nearby. Simultaneously, SMSes are automatically sent to 5 predefined numbers. Following that, the Senior Phone starts calling the numbers one after the other till a call is answered. If the call remains unanswered, the entire loop gets repeated three times.

Features / Specifications of I-Ball Aasaan

  • Design & Display : Choose from two colors – White & Black
  • 4.2cm (1.65″) mono display- Amber
  • Messaging : Send SMS in English or Hindi language
  • Music & Video : FM radio on speaker – Wireless FM
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Standard 3.5mm earphone jack
  • SAR Value : SAR <2.0w/kg
  • Storage : SMS record: 200
  • Phonebook: 500
  • Battery : 1000mAh with upto 3 hours 30 mins Talk time
  • Standby Time: 250 Hrs.
  • Single SIM – Dual band GSM (900/1800MHz)
  • Dual language support – English and Hindi
  • Alarm with Ringtone alert
  • Scheduler
  • Clock
  • Currency and Unit Converter
  • Calculator
  • Countdown timer and Stopwatch
  • Bundled Accessories : Handset
  • Battery
  • Adapter
  • Stereo Headset
  • User Manual
  • Hindi Keypad Guide
  • Warranty Card