Adjustable Backrest from New Glory

New Glory Adjustable Patient Backrest

New Glory Adjustable Patient Backrest Support for Bed. Adjustable Folding is ideal for Neck and Head Support. It has 6 angles of adjustment. Slots are sturdy and intended to elevate and support the upper body at various angles. It is ideal for those who spend long periods working and for patients as well. The adjustable backrest transforms any bed into a comfortable easy chair.

Using this backrest, you can keep patient sitting upright on the bed or on floor level.  It is easy to adjust to various angles. Made of steel framed and sheet inside the frame duly power coated finish. It can be used under the mattress of any size bed.  The frame is made of round pipe and comfort cushion mat, sturdy enough tested up to weight of 150 kgs patient. It is also portable and easy to carry.


It is an easy and quick way to support users in relaxing seated positions on the bed for reading. It is also useful in keeping patients upright on the bed.

Product Features:

  • This adjustable backrest converts any bed to a comfortable easy chair
  • By improving the quality of sleeping and resting, it promotes health
  • This backrest has a weight-bearing capacity
  • To keep it from sliding, it requires some solid support
  • Its back-cushion frame is made of CRCA tube, making it durable and long-lasting
  • It is portable and easy to carry
About New Glory

New Glory’s product line includes a variety of orthopaedic appliances, rehabilitation aids, surgical goods, and artificial limbs that address both specific and general orthotic and prosthetic needs.

Where to Buy?

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