Adjustable Backrest from Comfocare

Adjustable Backrest: Designed for Comfort

Comfocare’s adjustable backrest allows for free flow of air, and the design incorporates an additional head cushion for added comfort. Patients can also watch TV or read on this back rest, as it has a stand-up prop at the back.

Adjustable According to Your Convenience

This adjustable backrest supports and elevates your upper body at different angles. It is easy to adjust the height of this backrest from a low lying position to a sitting position that is upright. These are ideal for long-term workers and patients as well. You can transform any bed into a comfortable space with this adjustable backrest.

Support that is comfortable for your body. The backrest on this bed also helps users relax in a relaxed seated position on their bed for reading, watching TV, or other activities. As long as the mattress is firm or if it’s under the mattress, you can place it directly on top of the mattress without any support. It adjusts to 5 positions (3.5″ flat to 22.5″)

Lightweight and Easy To Fold

As it can be folded, it’s portable and easy to carry around. Folding, storing, fixing, and removing it is simple. Due to its ability to fold, the back rest is extremely convenient for storage or taking with you on a trip.

Suitable for All

Multi-purpose adjustable bed backrest. Eliminates the need to stack pillows that move constantly. The product is ergonomically designed and helps prevent incorrect seating posture. Those who spend a lot of time in bed due to injury, illness, mobility challenges, or long-term illness, as well as older people who need a comfortable place to rest can benefit from it.

Where to Buy?

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