7 easy tips for seniors to avoid cold

7 easy tips for seniors to avoid cold

Just the other day, I visited a relative who is in her 80’s only to find her down with a cold. Normally a very perky lady, and it was sad to see her miserable and fragile. Yes, the cold and cough season is upon us again. People most affected by this season are children, seniors and caregivers.

Why are seniors and caregivers affected the most?

Seniors have weaker immune systems but what about caregivers? This is because caregivers spend a lot of time with seniors and are exposed to the germs. Another reason is that most caregivers have a compromised immune system is due to lack of sleep and chronic stress.

What to do about it?

As the old adage goes – there is no cure for cold, but you can reduce the chances of getting cold. There are two things you can do; to boost the immune system and reduce exposure to germs.

7 tips for avoiding cold

1.Wash your hands

Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap, seniors can use a liquid sanitiser (in order to avoid trips to the bathroom). This is an effective way to get rid of germs.

2.Eat food rich in Vitamin C and protein

Guavas, lemons, papayas, oranges, strawberries, bell peppers and broccoli are some examples fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C.

Protein rich food include Lean Meats, Low-Fat Dairy Products, Nuts and Beans, and for those who cannot chew – Supplemental Beverages.

3.Exercise regularly

It’s a well-known fact that moderate exercise boosts the immune system and can reduce risk of a cold by a third. If you do not have a lot of endurance, even light exercises done regularly will benefit the body and immune system.

4.Sanitize your mobile devices

Often, we share the phone when someone calls; this is a sure way to catch a cold considering mobile devices are often unclean and germ-filled. Avoid sharing mobile devices, clean it regularly with sanitizing wipes.

5.Clean your home to eliminate germs

Clean homes lead to healthy life. Use disinfectant especially in the bathroom and kitchen to keep it germ free.  And, make sure cleaning sponges and rags are germ free. You can do this by soaking them hot water and cleaning them with a disinfectant. Remember to change them frequently.

6.Drink plenty of fluids

Drinking a lot of water or hot tea, helps the nasal passages stay moist. This help to trap germs before they can cause any harm.

7.Stay away from people who are sick

It is important to keep your distance from people who are sick, especially if your immune system is weak.