Discover Comfort and Elegance with the Novella Chair

Discover Comfort and Elegance with the Novella Chair

Novella Chair: Comfort and Elegance Nilkamal Limited is India’s leading Furniture & Mattress company when it comes to furniture that combines comfort, design, and durability. With a history of producing high-quality furniture, Nilkamal has caught the essence of utilitarian elegance once again with the Novella chair. This armless chair, made of virgin polymer with stainless … Read more

Cocoon Snug-Feed Adult Bibs

Cocoon Snug-Feed Adult Bib

Why Cocoon Snug-Feed Adult Bibs? Almost everyone needs some additional assistance as they age. Suddenly, even a simple task becomes even more difficult for them. With arthritis, even the simplest acts of feeding oneself are often difficult, and using utensils becomes impossible. Some elderly people find it quite troubling that they cannot stop their mouths … Read more

Who is a Caregiver?

Who is a Caregiver

Who is a Caregiver and the role that they play? We define the caregiver as the person who helps someone and is not paid to do so. You may be any family member, neighbour or, friend who provides assistance for a senior or someone with health issues. Besides, caregivers have many roles, from attending to … Read more

Exercise and Ageing

Exercise and Ageing

Exercise and Ageing : Start a physical activity It is important to understand that there is a relationship between exercise and ageing. As we get older, we tend to get bogged down by health issues, weight problems, aches and pains as well as worries about falling. It gets challenging to maintaining an exercise regime, let … Read more

Why do we need shower chairs?

The Need For Shower Chairs For most of us, having a shower is just a normal everyday activity. We don’t think twice, do we? But consider seniors with disabilities or general weakness, taking a shower becomes an herculean task. It is an accepted fact that bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for seniors. … Read more

7 easy tips for seniors to avoid cold

Just the other day, I visited a relative who is in her 80’s only to find her down with a cold. Normally a very perky lady, and it was sad to see her miserable and fragile. Yes, the cold and cough season is upon us again. People most affected by this season are children, seniors … Read more

Tips for Choosing the Right Wheelchair for Seniors

Comfort and safety are two things that come to mind when choosing the right wheelchair for seniors. That is especially true if they are frail, have mobility and dexterity issues. As people age, the need for a wheelchair also increases. So, it’s important that you choose the right wheelchair for your loved one. Since there are … Read more