Why do we need shower chairs?

Shower Chairs

The Need For Shower Chairs

For most of us, having a shower is just a normal everyday activity. We don’t think twice, do we? But consider seniors with disabilities or general weakness, taking a shower becomes an herculean task. It is an accepted fact that bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for seniors. Bathing and showering becomes one of the most hazardous activity for seniors. The floors become wet after a shower or a bath and sometimes even a bath mat can cause people to slip and fall. So, what is the solution? Do we really need a shower chairs?

Ideas and solutions for safety in the bathroom include; installing Grab Bars, placing Non-Slip Mats and using Shower Chairs.

5 reasons why buying a shower chair is a good idea.

1. Definitely improves bathroom safety.

Shower chairs decreases the chances of falling by providing a safe place to sit and have a bath. This is especially true for those who are confined to wheelchairs, people with mobility problem and the elderly.

2. Hygiene is so important.

Bathing without proper safety aids can become a nightmare for people with limited mobility. They tend to avoid having a bath or opt for a body wipe. While body wipes are the best solution for people who are bedridden, it is not an ideal option for people who have some mobility. Shower chair provides an easy solution for complete, relaxing bath.

3. Be More Relaxed.

Bathing for people with mobility and balance issues is challenge. The constant fear of falling and breaking a bone is anything but relaxing. All your loved one is worried about is coming out of the bath in one piece. Instead of having a relaxing bath, the whole exercise becomes an ordeal. Because of the safety of a shower chair, one can actually start enjoying having a bath. It is important to combine shower chair with easily accessible hand grips and anti-skid mat placed under their feet. Also, it becomes easy to transfer the user to a wheelchair or some other mobility aid.

4. Easier for caregivers.

Seniors with dexterity issues and weak muscles tend to rely on caregivers to have a bath. Giving a bath without a shower chair becomes messy and dangerous for caregivers. Not only the chances of the patient getting injured is high but it is a risk for the caregiver as well.

5. Improves the quality of life

Besides, it makes the user more independent and it improves the quality of their life. People with disabilities often feel guilty about total dependency or sometimes resent it. Due to the fact that shower chair gives them a little bit of independence, it has a positive impact to a person’s quality of life.


Finally, people with limited mobility, don’t risk a fall and incur expenses. Use a shower chair or a bath bench. Also, with a wide variety of shower chairs available in the market, there are different options to suit specific needs, depending upon the user’s requirement. There are height adjustable shower chairs, shower chairs with armrest and backrest, shower chairs with wide seats for bariatric patients, commode shower chairs and many more to suit individual needs and also, match their personal budget.