Sakhi Patient Transfer Sheet: enables safe and easy transfers of patients

An Adjustable Patient Transfer Sheet with Handles for Turning, Lifting, and Sliding. An Adjustable Bed Pad with Handles for Turning, Lifting, and Sliding.

Transfer Positioning Sheet

Supporting the patient when he or she is being transferred, turned over, or sat up. With the positioning bed pad, caregivers can provide in-home health care, elder care, bariatric care, as well as assist the disabled and those recovering from surgery. Supports up to 100kg safely and this Patient Transfer Sheet features eight padded handles for assisting at any angle.

Transfer Sheet with Handles

Turning: Roll the loved ones on one side, then prop pillows or a quilt under her/his back to keep her/him upright.

Pulling: Pulling the patients arm from one point on the bed to another to avoid injury.

Transferring: This allows the caregiver can transfer the loved one from bed to car, use in medical transportation, and move smoothly between stairs.

Size: 43cm x 10.5cm x 63cm

The right size facilitates the transport of patients. Designed with four handles, the transfer blanket is lightly padded to provide caregivers with a comfortable grip. The 43cm x 10.5cm x 63cm transfer sheet is machine-washable, so it’s easy to take care of loved ones. Just wash it in your washing machine, let it air dry, and reuse!

Reinforced Handles

The handles are reinforced for strength and ergonomic in design.

Waterproof Material

Made from strong, pliable, low-friction nylon. Lightweight and soft. Washable and reusable. The nylon fabric makes it durable. Reinforced stitching at the handles eases positioning and transfers. Moreover, it features four heavy-duty, sturdy handles that you can use to transfer, reposition, turn, or lift people with limited mobility.


Simple and easy to use turner pad for transferring paralyzed patients from bed to chair, car, or car seat, but also easy to flip the paralyzed patient’s body, help him wipe the body, relax the muscles, allowing his back skin to breathe fresh air without rotting.

Easy to use:

The material is strong and durable. The multipurpose patient positioning bed pad will help your loved one move freely and sit up comfortably. Your patients or family members who are hospital will benefit from this glide sheet for patient transfer. In addition to the good attachment of the handles, the position allows you to grasp it from almost from any angle.


This transport board belt is also ideal for medical transportation, healthcare bed transfers, everyday life and home care mobility devices, perfect for hemiplegic patients, hospitals, elderly, disabled patients, bedridden people, stroke patients, seniors, Parkinson’s, nursing staff, and sole caregivers.

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