Bubble Mattress: The Best Way to Prevent Bed Sores

Do you or someone you know struggle with bed sores?

There’s an easy solution that you might not have heard of, but one that could have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing! Bubble Mattress isn’t just a great product because it prevents bed sores. It also comes with all kinds of great features and benefits to help you sleep better every night. Find out more about Bubble Mattress in the full article below!

What are bed sores?

Bed sores are a medical condition that can occur when someone is confined to a bed or wheelchair for an extended period of time. The pressure from lying in one position for too long can cause the skin and underlying tissue to break down, which can lead to an open wound. If left untreated, bed sores can become infected and potentially lead to serious health complications.

How can a bubble mattress help?

You can prevent bed sores with active airbeds with pumps like the Bubble Mattress sold at the Old is Gold Store.  You can use this bed on top of a regular mattress. Air cavities fill up alternately in a 5- to 6-minute cycle in the air bed.  As a result, different parts of the mattress bear the weight of the body at different times.

As a result, no part of the body is constantly in contact with the mattress. Thus, bed sores are prevented from forming and proper air circulation is provided to all parts of the body.

Where to buy active mattress?

You can purchase the Airbed With Bubble Mattress at the Old is Gold Store. Click here to purchase.