Bedside Commode – Foldable – M300

Bedside Commode – M300 Bedside Commode – M300 is an absolute must for people who have limited flexibility and movability.  Also, this foldable commode from Mobilita is the perfect hygiene solution for people with balance issues. Disposal and cleaning become easy as this commode comes with a bucket with handle and lid. This commode has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 136 kg. BUY NOW!

Bedside Commode – M300 – Features

  • Facilitates a comfortable seating position and also an armrest for added comfort
  • Foldable & portable – Easily opens and folds
  • Sturdy yet lightweight(6 Kg)
  • Hygienic & skin-friendly seat
  • Easy to remove & clean – Comes with a bucket, lid and splash shield
  • Convenient for storage and transportation – Frame folds to 5″ width
  • Place over toilet as raised seat and safety frame.
  • Tool-Free Assembly
  • Ideal for people suffering from mobility issues, obesity, arthritis, rheumatism, and also knee ache


Bedside Commode – M300 is designed for those with little or no movability to help them make their life easier and better. To put it simply, it is a chair with a toilet seat, and a bucket that you can easily remove. These chairs are usually placed somewhere close to the bed. This is in order to help users use the commode without actually taking the risk of falling and slipping like they would in a regular bathroom.

Because it easily opens and folds and will fold flat, it is for convenient storage and transportation. Besides, the easy to use snap buttons allows this commode to open and fold in few seconds. You can remove the back of commode while placing it over toilet and it converts as a raised seat and safety frame. Sturdy powder-coated steel construction increases strength and durability. It also comes with armrests for added comfort and safety. The maximum weight bearing capacity of this commode is 136 kg.

Product Specifications

Description in cm in inches
Brand: Mobilita
Color: Grey
Unit Weight: 6.6 Kg
Weight bearing capacity: 136 kg
Seat Material: Plastic
Seat Height 39.37 – 54.61 15.5” – 21.5“
Seat Dimensions 34.29 w x 40.64 d 13.5” w x 16“ d
Seat Aperture Dimension 20.32 w x 24.13 d 8” w x 9.5“ d
Overall Dimensions High 55.88 w x 55.88 d 22” w x 22“ d
Overall Dimensions Low 57.7 w x 55.2 d 22.75”w x 21.75”d
Arm Style: Fixed
Arm Height from Seat 20.32 8”
Width Between Arms 45.72 18”
Back Height from Seat 22.86 9”
Overall Footprint High 55.88 w x 53.34 d 22” w x 21” d
Overall Footprint Low 55.88 w x 50.8 d 22” w x 20” d
Bucket and Lid Included: Yes
Bucket Dimensions 27.94 w x 15.2 d 11“ w x 6” d
Bucket volume: 7.5 lt.
Return Policy: Non-Returnable

Conclusion: Because this commode chair is lightweight, it is ideal for a small bedroom and it is also foldable.