Premium wheelchair with compact rear wheels(m601mg)

Mobilita Premium Wheelchair – M601MGMobilita Premium Wheelchair – M601MG

We have chosen to feature Mobilita Premium Wheelchair – M601MG due to it’s sturdy built and comfort. It is expensive when we compare to other manual wheelchairs in the market due to it’s premium features.  Mobilita Premium Wheelchair – M601MG is part of Mobilita Senior Care Products, which is not only distinct in design and material but also in finish & packaging.


This premium wheelchair is a mobility solution with comfort in mind! A wheelchair like never before, designed for functionality, it combines style with rigidity and strength. Besides, its ergonomic features guarantee unparalleled comfort and makes your life easier. Furthermore, this sturdy wheelchair capable of taking on 100 Kg.

Sturdy and durable – mobility solutions from Mobilita!


Aluminium with additional powder coating for long-term rust-free use and unparalleled functionality. Also, this premium wheelchair is built for high rigidity and ease of use on a day-to-day basis.

Take it wherever you want

Its double fold feature folds it into a compact size making it easy to transport even in a small car. Hence, this feature makes a huge difference. Besides that, the aluminium frame makes it light and easy to carry.

Comfort all the way

The Mobilita Premium wheelchair is a truly comfortable chair. The retractable armrests and removable footrests make it easier to slide in and out of the wheelchair. The 18″ seat keeps you comfortable even during extended stay. Similarly, dual brake system ensures additional safety.


1. Double fold. This wheelchair folds into a compact size making it easy to transport even in a small car.
2. Retractable armrests: The armrests pivot out of the way, making it easier to slide in and out of the wheelchair.
3. Removable footrests. You can lift the footrests out of the way, turn it aside or completely remove it as the situation demands.
4. Small wheels requires attendant to push and not for self-propelling.
5. Has two sets of brakes. One for the attendant and the other is a permanent brake to ensure that the wheelchair does not move.
6. No tilt wheels: Basically, these are extensions at the back that prevent the wheelchair from flipping back even when going on a steep slope.



Aluminum frame : Double cross Braces
Seat width : 18″
Seat upholstery : Nylon Black
Backrest type : Folding (Backwards)
Backrest upholstery : Nylon Black
Height of backrest : 16.1/2″
Push handles : Fixed
Hanger : Fixed 110° SA
Footplate : Swing in and away
Armrest : Flip back
Arm pad : PU
Front Wheel : 8″ PU Tire Fixed
Rear Wheel : 12″ MAG
Rim Type : Plastic
Tire Type : PU tire
Front fork : Plastic
Handrim Type : Plastic
Rear wheel axle type : Fixed
Rear Wheel position : Standard •
Brakes : Attendant brakes + User brake
Special : Anti-tipper