Mobilita Shower Chair Ibiza M402

Shower Chair Ibiza M402Shower Chair Ibiza M402

Mobilita Shower Chair Ibiza M402 with armrest and backrest is a product of quality engineering. This Shower Chair Ibiza M402 is made with heavy-duty anodized aluminium. The weight bearing capacity of this shower chair is 227 kg, higher than most of the competition. It features a comfortable and supportive backrest for safety and security. The seat is textured with drain holes to prevent slipping and a cross bar beneath the seat provides greater stability. It has height adjustable legs let you alter the seat to your preference and needs. This chair will work for you, no matter whether you’re short or tall. Non-slip rubber ferrules on Its legs provides additional stability and improves user safety. The sturdy armrests ensure excellent support when rising and lowering from and into the chair. Plus, it is straightforward to assemble and requires no tools.


Shower Chair Ibiza M402 – Key Features

  • Cut-out allows easy soaping reach
  • Cross bar beneath seat for greater stability
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) Material Anti-slip handle
  • Silicone non-slip pads
  • Pads are anti-mildew and anti-bacterial
  • Drain-holes on seat reduces slipping
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Non- slip rubber ferrules provide additional stability to the legs
  • An ergonomically construction makes this chair both comfortable and safe
  • Tool Free Installation

Why use Shower Chair Ibiza M402?

As we age, our mobility and balance deteriorate, leading to accidents and falls. While many elders want to be independent as possible, even everyday activities like showering and bathing can become difficult. Bathrooms are a prime place for falls, which can be extremely damaging for seniors. Falls can result in injury, and even hospital stays for seniors.
However, a bathroom aid like a shower chair can provide much-needed stability for elders while having a bath. They are a comfortable resting place while you’re bathing. They can prevent falls because it is unlikely to fall if you’re sitting down. Besides, these are equipped with sturdy armrests and it offers excellent support when rising and lowering from and into the chair.


  1. Adjustable height : 15”~18.9” (1 inch Increments)
  2. Seat Size : 3.1“ Height – 17.4” Width – 14.9” depth
  3. Seat Cutout Space : 4.3“ Width
  4. Back Rest Size : 14.6” Length – 9“ Height
  5. Overall Product Size : 24” Length x 15.7”~16.3“ Depth x 25.6”~29.5” Height
  6. Product Weight : 4 kgs
  7. Material : PP / Aluminium
  8. Finish : Anodised Matt ( Anodizing )
  9. Max. Weight Capacity : 227 kgs

Precautions & Safety

Always ensure that the shower chair is stable on the floor and cannot slide. Have all the items required for bathing within easy reach when seated and place a non-slip shower mat underfoot.

Maintenance & Cleaning

For better hygiene, clean the chair is regularly with a mild disinfectant or cleanser.